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The fantastical epic series, The Legend of The Secret Saga continues with Book 2, The Murky Middle. Upon reading the letter Celestial Scribe, Angel Dabria has written, we discover that she immediately addressed the new era by sharing her knowledge of The Real World's loss. She also presents her dread of any consequence that loss might negatively provoke. “To Whom It May Concern: It is from within a spirit of great personal anguish and exceeding disappointment that I record the indelible words that officially define that which is sadly unspeakable for me. I regret being the one to validate that Adam and Eve have reluctantly met with Death. I am uncertain if they are spiritually aware of this sudden turn of events. I am concerned that, without The Twin Souls’ time honored guidance, Lucifer’s unfettered malice can strike yet again.

There once was a time of plenty with the most brilliant light and its uplifting energies. That was back then — When Begin Began. Now, I dread the emergence of even more dimming shadows. The middles of all are constantly being threatened to transform into a discordant muddled mess of increasing murkiness. The dread murkiness can too easily progress to become an opaque spiritual darkness that The God Who Is Almighty emphatically insists must be avoided at all costs.

I hope to provide some enlightenment. As I can neither change nor deflect any events, it is all that I can ever offer.”

For what it's worth, with all things being considered, Angel Dabria proves herself to be a worthy Enlightener.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 2
Fayshoneshire Limited
Suzanne Dietz

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