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With 30 dead and 387 injured in 2017 the UK and over 20,000 suspects being tracked by MI5 it is patently obvious that the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy has failed.

We are now hovering on a Tipping Point with the alternatives of a downward spiral or, more optimistically, creation of a British community within which Muslims and non Muslims respect each other, interact and work together harmoniously.

The Muslim Tipping Point radically rethinks how to move forward by recognising the many strengths of the Muslim religion; confronting the chauvinistic and sometimes brutal way that they enforce their religious and family obligations and recognising that young Muslims are ready for a change.

Unlike so many doom-mongers, the author believes that a greater understanding of the Muslim religion and far closer co-operation with young Muslims could tip the balance towards a more unified British community with Muslims retaining and satisfying the tenets of their religion.

To this end The Muslim Tipping Point explains what created our current situation and why young Muslims worldwide are drawn to terrorism. Equally importantly, he explains how the British Government's Middle Eastern policies have inflamed the situation rather than damping it down.

The author then focuses on the crucial differences between Western and Muslim culture and how these differences influence the authority that Muslims follow in the UK and how social skills, attitudes and education have influenced integration.

The Muslim Tipping Point could help us all to radically rethink how to move forward together.

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Religion & Spirituality
September 6
Daniel Taylor
Smashwords, Inc.

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