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Too many great destinies get caged in and locked up; mighty potentials, useful for kingdom’s building remain bottled up in individuals who do not know how to connect with the agents that have been divinely designed to make them shine. This masterpiece reveals God’s wealth of wisdom in turning minors to major. There’s no theology against the Prophetic Paternity; it is real. And it is time to rise to fatherhood; father or be fathered.

Open your heart to revelations (in this book) take relevant actions and see your life and ministry leap into the next level. Fatherhood is a divine order, understanding it puts your destiny in order. Apostle Sam has spent quality time with God on this, hearing and writing what the master says; just like Moses spent 40 days and nights and came out with the Ten Commandments. This book is the tablet given to the body of Christ as a composition of end time strategy to optimally populate the kingdom of God and ultimately depopulate the kingdom of darkness.

Welcome to an adventure into destiny.

SAM BISHOPS OROGE is a frontline African minister of the gospel, ordained as an apostle, sent with specific mandates. He is the presiding Prelate of the Apostolic Grace Mission, Inc. (AGMi) and the senior Pastor of Grace Churches Worldwide, Primarily based in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa; extending Mission bases in the U.S.A and reaching out to the nations, thereby. A pioneer of the PRAYERFEST, an apostolic convocation of the saints; rebuilding and building the altars of prayer in the nation, host of the VOICE TO THE CHURCH BROADCAST radio and TV outreaches; a theologian, preacher of revival and teacher of the word. His life is complete with Peace, an ordained minister and their four kids; Faith, Gifty, King and Princess.

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July 22
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