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In the classic spirit of epic fantasy comes this glittering saga of a young girl who learns she possesses an uncanny gift - and is destined to use it to save her world from a terrifying evil. Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. She doesn't yet know she has inherited a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the noble School of Pellinor and enables her to see the world as no other can. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true identity and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now, she and her mysterious teacher must embark on a treacherous, uncertain journey through a time and place where the forces of darkness wield an otherworldly terror.

Young Adult
June 1
Candlewick Press
Candlewick Press, Inc.
Grades 7 and Above

Customer Reviews

Cool-jay ,

Love this book

I fell in love with this book within the first few pages. I am an avid reader and there have been few books that have made me fall deeply in love with the characters and plot. The whole series is nothing short of narrational genius!! Absolutely love and recommend it, although most older readers would understand and find the story line more appealing.

Puggles girl ,

Also for adults, not just kids.

This book series really should not be put under "Children's Fiction". These books have so much information pertaining to the plot and are so big, it's easily high school and up. I even got my brother, who is now 28, to read it a few years ago. After getting completely hooked he bought the last book for both of us then let me keep it. It is my favorite book series hands down! Probably have read it about 5 times since I got them a few years ago. Highly HIGHLY recommend The Books of Pellinor.

DisneySeaDreamer ,

Thrilling!! 0.0

Read this a while back, I got addicted to the plot line and bought the series. It is an amazing book!
You NEED to read this one!! READ IT!!! ( >0<)*\(-__- ) {calm down

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