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Second Chance Family 

Annie Knight has her work cut out for her as the McGregor family's newest nanny. Dr. Ian McGregor means well, but the distracted single dad's lost touch with his four kids. The new nanny brings much-needed calm to the chaos, including finding a service dog that could be a real lifesaver. And soon the good doctor's making Annie's heart respond in ways it hasn't for years. But Annie's cheery demeanor hides a heart-wrenching secret that's as much a part of her as her carefully hidden scars. Annie doesn't think she deserves happiness—but Ian and his kids will show the caretaker that with the love of family, everything's possible.

July 1
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Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Margaret Daley's The Nanny's New Family

This is the 4th installment in the Caring Canine series. It can be
read as a stand alone.
The chemistry between Annie Knight and Ian McGregor was
undeniable. Annie needs to overcome her past to learn to love
again. Ian needs to let go of the demons which haunt him. First
was the death of his wife then his beloved Aunt who cared for
his family after his wife’s death.
Ian has four children and needs a nanny that can handle them
and the household duties. Annie loves enjoys caring for children
who need help. When the oldest son develops epilepsy, Annie
recommends a service dog to help.
The author weaves together the past and present w/o difficulty.
There is a mixture of family, personal values and humor. There
were several times I laughed out loud at some of the shenanigans.
All the characters were well-developed. Each brought their own
flavor to the story.
Thank you to the author for this book. My opinion is my own.

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