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The Narratives is a collection of short introspective essays written by an average guy in an effort to better understand himself, his life, and his relationship with the world around him while traveling the road of self-discovery. This series can best be described as the author's unique brand of journaling, encompassing both self-reflective entries, and an expression of thought and opinion surrounding social issues of the present day. 

The Narratives Box Set is a compilation of all seven previously published Narratives works that were written over the course of four years (2012 - 2016), following the death of a loved one. This series traces the author’s journey through the five stages of grief, his healing process, and his transit towards inner peace. What started as an exercise to help collect his thoughts and quiet his mind, morphed into a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation; one that yielded many surprises along the way. 

The highs and lows are pronounced and seep through in the writing, taking the reader on an emotional journey through moments of triumph and exhilaration, but also through moments of anger, sadness, and total despair. Each short essay style narrative is personal, honest, and authentic, giving the reader a completely transparent view into the author's soul. When taken as a whole, this collection of works is best described as an exercise in vulnerability, courage, perseverance, and inner strength, and is recognized as an emotional stepping stone in the transformation of the author’s life. 

This book contains all seven previous published Narratives works plus a new foreward that capsulizes the series and reflects on a life both examined, and changed.

This box set includes:

The Narratives:  Keeping The Soul Alive
The Narratives II:  Dusk To Dawn
The Narratives III:  Fanning The Flames
The Narratives:  Evolution
The Narratives:  Anthology
The Narratives:  Transformation
The Narratives:  From The Heart

Health, Mind & Body
April 25
Vince Guaglione
Draft2Digital, LLC

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