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The 'Naturals Season Two: Evolution Episodes 1-4 

After Season One's explosive conclusion, everyone is reeling from the strange and violent events at the Monster's Ball that put several Silverwood High students in the hospital. . . 

Marshall is trying to figure out if Dexter was to blame for the disaster, and stories from the Monster Ball seem to confirm his suspicion that Silverwood High's star quarterback has supernatural abilities. Now Marshall is determined to figure out whether there are others like him. He and his friends decide it's time to do some investigating. 

Israel's parents have kicked him out, and it appears they're serious about it this time. His anger at his parents seems to be fueling the strange power that's growing inside him, and he's not sure how much longer he can keep it under control. He and his sister Molly discover that someone else has an explained ability, too. 

As Hailey recovers from the storm outside the Monster Ball--one that she had a hand in creating--she's nagged by the vague memory of being taken somewhere, an unknown facility, before she ended up in the hospital. And she's positive that Jay was part of the attack during the dance, except no one else seems to remember him being there. As her powers grow she's shunned by her so-called friends and starts to wonder if she can trust anyone or anything--including her own memory. 

Avery wakes up in the hospital without a scratch, even though she'd been right in the middle of the explosion in the Monster's Ball. That's strange enough, but even stranger is that IGT--the local corporation--is paying her medical expenses. She's not sure what to make of Dexter, who seems to be hiding something sinister just beneath his golden boy image, but a dark vision of him convinces her she must discover what he's up to.

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August 4
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StoneHouse Ink

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