The Naughty Rules

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They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but I knew long before the day Ivy Prescott and I took separate paths in life that I was never going to find another woman like her.

Now, we're both six years older, and my sweet, innocent Ivy has become a sexy, irresistible woman.

She wasn't ready for me then, but she's ready for me now. Ready to learn all the wicked, wonderful things I have to teach her.

Our reunion will begin with her receiving a gift-wrapped box. In it will be a beautiful dress, a mask, and an invitation to come play with the one man who never stopped watching out for her from afar.

The only man who can give her exactly what she's always secretly wanted.

"Leave the mask on, princess, but everything else comes off. I'm ready to see what's mine..."

WARNING: This sinfully sexy standalone features a Dominant alpha male who likes to play rough with his toys--but don't worry, he'll make sure you enjoy every scorchingly hot minute of it.

Dom For All Seasons

- The Naughty List (Garrett & Dakota)

- The Naughty Boss (Ten & Jane)

- The Naughty Rules (Edward & Ivy)

Previously titled Masquerade with the Master -- same steamy story, with a fresh new title and cover.

February 23
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Jmk1723 ,

The best BDSM love story I have read

This is the first BDSM love story I have read that I loved from the first page to the last. There was no meanness or demeaning. It was a surprise letter to a masquerade ball with BDSM to Hannah from the only man she ever loved then lost. Edward gave Hannah the time to grow and fly on her own. He kept watch on her protecting from afar. He waited until he felt the time is right. The story unfolds with Hannah agreeing to be his Submissive for the night. No feelings just sex. Edward was the most beautiful hot loving dominant I ever read about. I enjoyed and was so engrossed in every single page wanting to see how it ends. My favorite part of this book was the love respect and tenderness along with the hot sex these 2 had with each other. I’m not into painful long angsty books that spend 3/4 or more bring mean to each other. This book was a gem. A beautiful sexy story of love lost and found.

Szmoromou ,


Masquerade with the Master, the second installment in the Master Me series is one steamy, sexy, erotic story. Edward has been waiting 6 years for HIS Ivy to grow up. To realize who she can become when standing on her own two feet and what an amazing woman she will turn out to be. The time has come for Edward to reclaim Ivy, to prove to her that although it was the hardest thing to leave her 6 years ago, he did it for her.
Ivy is no longer the naive young woman that Edward new 6 years ago. She's grown up and knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom. She is ready to take on Edward and all his kink, after all she too is into it. Although Ivy accepts Edwards invitation for a night of pleasure, it's all she wants. No strings attached, no walks down memory lane and definitely no relationship. However when she sees Edward again, can she keep her old feelings bottled up? Can Edward convince that his time apart from Ivy is what they needed to make the second time for forever?
Lili Valente didn't miss anything with steamy hot, erotic love story. Edward and Ivy make the perfect couple. Challenging each other but also stripping themselves down to their souls, to allow the other in. Allowing a second chance to love. Bravo Lili, bravo.

Aimz72 ,


Masquerade with the Master is super HOT!

It’s been six years since Ivy has been with Edward. But she doesn’t realize that he has been right there all along all these years, just in the shadows. She agrees to give her submission only one night at the ball, an event that only happens once a year at this Castle of Sin for the night of the Venus Ball. She doesn’t want to bring up the past or give her heart, just one night submitting to him. He has other ideas and wow, does he give her an amazing night, but what does he truly want from Ivy. When the night ends will they give it more, will they get that true second chance to give their hearts to each other? Loved this story by Lili!

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