The Navigator The Navigator
Book 2 - Tales of the Wendy

The Navigator

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The eagerly awaited second installment in the Tales of the Wendy series!

"As I swiped left to continue the adventure and saw the words, 'the second book is expected in 2019,' I gasped. It was as if Captain Hook himself had put his sword to my heart. It reminded me of when I was reading the Harry Potter books as they were being written. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next installment." – Mary, Goodreads

"I need the second book, RIGHT NOW." - Angela, Goodreads

"I can’t wait for the next installment of this marvellous re-imagined version of Peter Pan." – Readers’ Favorite


Wendy’s troubles are far from over. Hook wants her in irons, the crew wants to throw her overboard, and Pan’s magical compass is the only thing standing in their way. But Pan himself is nowhere to be found.

When a new everlost captain appears on the horizon, it will take everything Wendy has to survive.

And a tiny red dragon will set events in motion that could save or doom them all.

"The writing is witty and clever and very reminiscent of some of the classic novels I have read in the past. There were so many parts where I was just outright grinning as I read." – Errin Krystal, author of The Last Dragon Rider

"Sky and Brown bring fresh magic and wonder to a well-known story, and provide readers with a skilled and cunning heroine, outsmarting her male counterparts at every turn, always staying one step ahead." – C.L. Ogilvie, author of Skipping Out on Henry

Fans of Brigid Kemmerer's A Curse So Dark and Lonely, Gena Showalter's The Evil Queen, and Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone will love the rip-rollicking adventure, fantasy, and historical elements of the Tales of the Wendy series by Steven Brown and Erin Michelle Sky, Dragon Authors. As Caius Fabius says in Goodreads, "Pick it up and begin a great adventure! I DARE YOU!!!"

Young Adult
October 8
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Customer Reviews

magpie1492 ,

The Navigator takes Barrie’s Peter Pan to a whole new level

When I finished reading Book 1 of Tales of the Wendy several years ago, I remember how upset I was because, at the time, there was not yet any release date announced for the next book! I was staring at a bleak, tortuous landscape of never-ending years spent longing for the next book with no relief on the horizon. Knowing that may give you just a peak at how much I enjoyed “The Wendy” and how much I was looking forward to “The Navigator.”

And let me tell you, Book 2 did FAR more than just not disappoint, it didn’t even just raise the bar. It took the bar and set sail with it into the skies of Neverland!

I loved Book 1, but I could tell it was these authors’ first book. There were a few unpolished places here and there, some character interactions/dialog that didn’t feel quite realistic, and a bit of jerky pacing. Yet those were minor things when set against the delight and wonder of Sky and Brown’s masterful retelling of Peter Pan.

This book? Flawless.

From the story's whimsical and enthralling voice, to its delightfully lovable characters, fantastical world building, and beyond, I loved every part of this book. The only reason I didn’t stay up all night finishing it in one go is because I have a toddler with a penchant for rising at the crack of dawn and the days of sleeping in after an all-night book binge are long past. But I wanted to. Oh how I wanted to!

I was wonderfully surprised at every turn, not only by the plot but also by the character’s choices and development. I had some guesses how things would go at the start of the book, based on the original story and my knowledge of fiction and story structure. But Sky and Brown took every expectation and twisted it around so that I was rushing through each page to find out what happened next even as I tried to slow down and savor the glorious prose and turns of phrase.

Suffice it to say, if you liked “The Wendy” you will LOVE “The Navigator.” If Book 1 felt a bit rough in places and you’re wondering if you should try the next book, the answer is yes, yes, yes! You will not be disappointed (except when it comes to an end and we have to again wait long agonizing months/years for the sequel).

Honestly, the highest praise I could ever imagine giving a book, I would give to “The Navigator": I can’t wait for my son to be old enough for me to read these books aloud to him. Not only because I can’t wait to experience the story again through his innocent delight, but also because the prose of this book is so wonderful, it just begs to be read aloud.

I’ve made a home for these books on my shelf, and I look forward to reading them again and again over the years.

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