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I have been a licensed Realtor since 2005. I have mentored many new Realtor's right after they are registered and I see mistakes that they make time after time. The same mistakes that I had made when I first registered as a Realtor.
The things you need to focus on when you go into Real Estate are:
NOT wasting time or money on activities that generate you no income and can end up dragging you down.
DO go out and practice the skills covered in this book so that WHEN you are dealing with Buyers and Sellers for the first time you come across as professional and are practiced and accomplished at the basics.
DO stay on the right side of the rules.
If I had only known then what I knew now…. It is not just myself either. Most Realtors need to be more focused and not waste precious time and money on time wasters.
If you are a Realtor then these are the actions and activities you should be doing NOW right after registration. Not waiting for later.
Don’t be caught in the traps and pitfalls that other new Realtor's hit. Make the first two years as productive as any experienced Realtor's.
If you want to be successful as a self-employed Realtor and make the big money that you waste less time doing administrative work when you finish the last course and can instead focus on generating leads and working on money making transactions.

If you would like to see what else is coming out over the next few months then check out my website or drop me a line!
It is always a good time to get involved with real estate!
Good luck!

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June 8
Tom Germann
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