Return on Individuals

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Ask anyone from the CEO to the shipping clerk about the organization’s most valuable asset, and you’ll get the same answer: “The people!” However, when it comes to the valuation of that organization, especially in terms of intangible assets, items like patents and trademarks wind up seeming to be more valuable. How can that be? Simple: They’re more quantifiable.

In The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals, we delve into placing a more quantifiable value on the human capital asset – the most valuable asset in every organization. Additionally, we explore universal ways to promote even greater workforce value including creating difference makers, increasing employee success, improving happiness, reducing toxic employees, generating innovation by building trust, embracing and improving corporate culture, and much more.

Do you know who your rock star employees are and how to improve employee engagement and employee morale? Want to keep your top performers happy and productive? Do you actually know the real cost of toxic employees to your bottom line and profitability? Why do some teams succeed while others fail… even within the same organization? What is the impact of and on human capital during mergers and acquisitions? How do trust and happiness impact your employees and their ability to be more innovative? What is resiliency in business and why is it important? How high is your cost of turnover and what can you do to reduce it?

Author Dave Bookbinder, along with over 20 collaborators – all highly regarded in their respective fields – cover these topics and answer these questions in an effort to quantify the human capital value. But it goes much deeper than simply trying to place an actual number on employees. Whether you are a CEO, on a leadership team, in middle management, or are an employee who wants to see their company not just succeed but thrive, you will gain incredible insight into how the lifeblood of every organization – the human capital asset – operates and what you can do to improve and enhance the success of your employees and ultimately your organization and its bottom line.

"The way in which appraisers attempt to determine the value of a workforce-in-place can't capture the value of what people do for an organization." ~ Chris Mercer, Valuation Expert & CEO of Mercer Capital

“Diamonds, like human capital, attain maximum value when flaws are minimized and facets are cut to optimally reflect light, working in concert with all other facets.” ~ Jeff Higgins, Founder & CEO of Human Capital Management Institute

Nothing gets done in any organization without people – your human capital – and improving the productivity of every employee at every level is the key to boosting profitability, and as you’ll learn, at the same time boosting employee morale. Higher morale generates even greater productivity which, in turn, improves your bottom line. It’s an upward spiral that you’ll want to harness.

If you agree that the people are the foundation of your organization’s success – or failure – this is a book you must read!


Business & Personal Finance
September 20
Dave Bookbinder
Ingram DV LLC