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The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide: How to Care for and Keep Marine Fish and Corals
Looking for a saltwater aquarium book that will show you step by step how to setup, stock and care for marine fish and corals? Then look no further.
The New Saltwater Aquarium Guide: How to Care for and Keep Marine Fish and Corals will show you what to do and how to avoid the problems that many newcomers to the hobby face when setting up a new saltwater aquarium.
If you are looking for a book that reads more like a scientific paper than a guide to the stocking and care of saltwater aquarium fish and corals, then this isn’t the book for you. The author’s style is informative, yet casual. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s the feel good Saltwater Aquarium Book of the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Whatever season it is for you right now!
Learning how to care for and keep tropical fish and corals doesn’t have to be boring. This book will show you how to do it with easy-to-follow instructions and will hopefully make you smile along the way.
Inside the book, you will find lots of pictures and will hopefully pay for itself in no time.
Few things, in life, are more relaxing or enjoyable than watching a living aquarium filled with beautifully colored reef fish and corals. They can be a focal point in a room or a subtle treasure only you see. With a good plan, the right equipment and the right knowledge, you can build a successful, thriving new reef aquarium.
The book will help you make important decisions like:
* What type of tank is right for you?
* What size should you buy?
* What equipment is necessary and what equipment is optional?
* What kind of testing is necessary and what science do you need to know?
* What are the best corals and fish to start with?
* How do you set up a tank?
* What can you expect to happen once you do?
Whether you already set up your new saltwater aquarium or are still deciding what to do, this book can help you be confident that you have the knowledge to create a thriving new saltwater aquarium.

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April 11
Albert B Ulrich III
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gk279857 ,

So so

Doesn't answer basic questions. Left asking questions like whether to buy live or dry rock and cooking the rock. Just an example. Disappointed. Left me more lost than I started.

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