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Wrong place. Wrong Time. And everything to lose. 

Running for his life …

Cage Foster discovers a body in one of New Orleans’s most mysterious cemeteries. His partner recognizes the victim–she investigated him for the disappearance of his girlfriend months ago and suspects suicide. Cage isn’t buying it–the evidence and the cause of death tell a different story.

Running out of time …

Within days, others start to disappear. Cage is certain everything is tied to one of New Orleans’s most powerful Mardi Gras Krewes, but with Fat Tuesday just days away, city officials demand Cage drop the investigation. Up against the city’s rich and powerful who financially fuel a corrupted legal system, Cage only has two allies: A clairvoyant and a woman with a past so dark and damaged, he’s afraid to trust her.The killer will do anything to keep from being exposed, and Cage’s luck may have finally run out.

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 31
Twisted Minds Press
Stacy Whisenand

Customer Reviews

JWReinhold ,

Can he see past his own stubbornness to even save himself?

Cage Foster is definitely not having a good night but who knew that finding a dead body would be the one thing that would save his life.

When a drug bust goes bad, Cage Foster finds himself in a tight situation in one of New Orleans’ most mysterious cemeteries where his night goes from bad to worse when he discovers a dying man. Is it suicide or is it murder?
Cage is convinced that his death is tied to the elite of New Orleans and is determined to find the truth even though his superiors have warned him to back off.

Can he see past his own stubbornness to even save himself?

I love that Stacy has moved Cage and his family to New Orleans, it brings a new depth to the characters and a new flavor to the stories.
Cage Foster is one of my favorites of Stacy's characters and in this newest book you see another side as he struggles with some of New Orleans deep-rooted beliefs and the culture that surrounds him.

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