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Mephistopheles disguises himself as God and tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Because the commandment against murder is written in our hearts, everyone who condones this obviously evil act of human immolation will have chosen evil and that will make them belong to Mephistopheles. For thousands of years the Abrahamic religions will engage in blood baths of terror until Mephistopheles is ready to unite them into his kingdom on Earth, a kingdom that will make the world and everyone in it so ugly that it will force God to commit suicide in an act of cosmic euthanasia. College football star, Trailer Park Buford, a most cruel sexual predator who, with his drinking companions, tortures children so horribly that as they die, they give up on God; and Mephistopheles, who is by now powerful enough to be able to do so, takes their souls to the Land of the Damned. Buford is arrested for murdering a six-year-old girl to avenge her father for having insulted pop music. But Buford is so passionately admired by sports fans that William Randolph Merdeoch, and Corporate America, joined by the television evangelism industry, spend billions of dollars on his defense. His trial is televised worldwide and when bin Laden sees it, he is so impressed by the rhetoric of defense attorney, F. Lee Bally, that he concludes that Buford is the Seventh Mullah. He contacts his friend, William Randolph Merdeoch to make peace with the orthodox rabbis and the television evangelism industry. Bin Laden is given an image makeover, repackaging him as “really a nice guy deep down inside,” and the leaders of all three Abrahamic religions ride through New York in a ticker tape parade celebrating the new age of peace. Buford’s mother’s medical records are forged to claim his virgin birth and Buford becomes Buford Christ. The new world wide super-theocracy begins to outlaw elitist arts such as classical music which must be replaced with country Western rap music. Those who are not fat are given lipo-injections. Evolution is replaced with scientific creationism. The same things are taking place on other life bearing planets. Soon, everyone will have to live in a trailer park.

Little Laurie, who rejects trailer parks, must stand alone against Mephistopheles, who is now known as the Prince of Trailerparkdom, as God’s suicide begins and every star in every galaxy goes out. She must enter into the Land of the Damned to fight back. She and her childhood sweetheart, Matchheads McBrady are the last hope for the universe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 6
Barney Vincelette
Smashwords, Inc.

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