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Alysa receives a package in the mail from her best friend. It is a gift for her thirtieth birthday and sadly Diana is unable to spend the special day with her. Instead, she's sent Alysa a cryptic invitation with directions to take a bath with the enclosed lavender bathing confetti, dress in only her brown trench coat and only wear her spiked black punk boots. She is supposed to arrive at the back entrance to an unmarked building. Thinking Diana is setting her up for a gag gift, Alysa plays along.

Inside the Night of Pleasures Club there is a mysterious, sexy man who leads Alysa to a room with only a table. Soon, the wall to the room next door seemingly dissolves and Alysa can see a big group of men and women dressed to the nines, drinking champagne and having a great time.

She is surprised when the man pins her to the table and even more surprised when the lights lower, her coat is removed and her night of endless pleasure begins under the curious and imaginative hands that touch every part of her, bringing her pleasure time and time again. She is blindfolded forced to take the pleasure given to her body, washed, dried and devoured by the group of men and women.

When her birthday gift has been given, only the mysterious man, Max remains.He thanks Alysa for helping him fulfill some of his clients 'wishes'. He asks Alysa to submit to him and follow him deeper into his club. Everyone has left but them and she wants only Max to touch her and fill her and Max just wants her soul.

This is the first book in The Night of Pleasures Club series. This is a short sexy story of a thirty year old woman receiving sexual pleasure from a large group of people, blindfolded, pinned to the desk, unable to move anything but her hips as her legs are held open. She wears a ring that if squeezed between her fingers will end 'all things in motion', this stories version of a safe word.

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December 24
Lucky Kyxx
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