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Be careful what you wish for.

Tarot-reading Justice of the Arcana Council Sara Wilde has an avalanche of oppressed psychics crying out for her aid. How can she help them all? Despite the support of the formidable Magician, she’s only one woman.  

Worse, the Council’s biggest rival, the Shadow Court, taunts her at every turn, defying her efforts to discover the power behind their elite operation.

Frustrated by the Council’s unwillingness to act, Sara is tempted to take matters into her own hands. Especially when she uncovers ancient, mysterious references to a vigilante-style enforcer, the night witch, who does what Justice can’t…or won’t.

Then a new, mysterious ally emerges, a reclusive sheikh with tales of captured genies and impossible wishes who offers Sara his assistance—for a price. A price that may prove to be more than Sara ever expected to pay…  

Shadows dance and demons howl when The Night Witch comes to call.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 3
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

shhchh ,

Never want to stop reading

It holds your attention from beginning till the end. And then you just want more of the story

LCRT2009 ,


I have read all sixteen books. Could not put them down.
The characters and personalities are spell binding. The battles both real and internal are thought provoking.

math wizard ,


I have been following Sara’s story from the beginning. Now that she is an immortal and the Justice for the Arcane Council she is just getting better. Her abilities keep getting better and this story is no different. The Shadow Court is after Sara and will do all in their power to stop her. Her twin Sariah get hurt because she sets herself up as Sara. She does survive but the story doesn’t end there. Eshe goes undercover and that is the beginning of a new of a great story. Learn about djinn and who they are what they can do. This book has the help of Warwick and his crew. To my surprise the council takes a let’s stand back and watch approach!
Since Armaeus is not longer the head of the council. So his role is this will surprise you but his love for Sara is still there and growing. Many surprises are in this book and I think as you read it you will appreciate being kept a bit clueless because it will not spoil the story for you! With an awesome book as this I really do not like to ruin it for the reader because in my case my mouth pops open with new surprises and keeps me going!
So , Jenn Stark, thank you for this awesome series of books and I look forward to the next one! No five stars but at least 10 stars!!

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