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Eleri and Donovan are back!

NightShade’s newest agents are in L.A. to bring down a burgeoning terrorist cell. To make things worse, it’s not just one terrorist cell, it’s two. Or is it three?

There is little to go on, only links between missing Army munitions and a veteran named Cooper Rollins. With his special ops training and severe PTSD, it's impossible to tell what kind of game Rollins is playing. 

Eleri and Donovan will have to use their unique skills to stop the attack before it happens. But in the crowded city, there are too many people who might reveal what Donovan is if he dares to make the change. And Eleri is starting to show signs of powers she didn’t know she had, and can’t control.

On the surface the cells seem unrelated, each with separate perpetrators and different motives. But they are all linked by Rollins and the very disturbing passcode: 

“Fracture Five.”

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 12
Griffyn Ink
Griffyn Ink Corp

Customer Reviews

Demeter1973 ,

Higher Stakes and More Thrills!

The stakes are higher as the tension mounts in this second installment. No rest for the weary, Eleri and Donovan are back and this time they're on a case that could threaten national security as a series of strange, unexplained murders lead to a terror cell.

Make that terror cells, as in more than one. They're all somehow connected to a troubled Iraq war veteran and a covert mission gone horribly wrong. Is he friend or foe? To find out, Eleri and Donovan team up with an ambitious local agent and a homeless female veteran, nicknamed Walter Reed, who makes the Terminator look like a pansy. The Nightshade agents continue to use and hone their 'unique' abilities during their investigation, but Donovan's cover is threatened when he encounters his own kind, and Eleri's powers become more frightening and uncontrollable by the hour.

And the clock is ticking.

Will the agents be able to stop the most deadly attack on U.S. soil since 9/11? Grab a copy and find out!

Can't wait for more!

Empty Ess ,

A gripping thrill ride.

Everything one could ask for from a high-stakes thriller. The character development builds nicely on the roots of book one. The plot is rich, complex and believable. This one deserves a wide readership. I look forward to reading the next installment when it comes out.

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