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A house party is the only opportunity nine sisters will have to marry and stave off looming poverty. But is it possible to fall in love in a fortnight?

One Wild Dawn

The oldest of nine sisters, Miss Annette Marsden spends her life taking care of others and keeping her father’s modest estate from falling apart while longing for a romance she only dare dream about to Lord Roderick Andrews, a maddening rogue who will never be tamed.

A dissolute rake, never without a drink in his hand, Lord Roderick Andrews finds himself tiring of the same old debauchery and longs for the one woman who does not swoon at his feet. At his brother’s wedding, Roderick is driven to act on his long-buried desires for Anne, but will a kiss prove disastrous or awaken her to his sinful charms?

Two Wicked Nights

Bernadette Marsden has made it her duty to protect her family. But as one of the infamous Northumberland Nine, she secretly wishes her life could be more. She craves adventure and love, but neither can be found in the wilds of Northumberland unless she takes her fate into her own hands. But can fate be controlled?

Lord Tiberius Alexander, Earl of Chester, is a gentleman to the bone. But Bernadette has a way of testing his good intentions. Though he is her loyal friend, he can’t fight the feeling they should be more. When a house party provides new gentlemen for Bernadette to meet, Chester must act on his feelings or lose her to another.

Three Times The Rake

Georgie had to become the son her father never had. She can shoot, mend a fence, and wrestle a sheep to the ground. But when it comes to falling in love, she’ll have to rely on one of her more conventional sisters to catch a husband before an unscrupulous cousin inherits their home. 

Mr. Gavin Cage accepted an invitation to Selbourne Castle to get away from marriage minded women in London. To his dismay, he’s stuck in a castle with nine sisters, all lovely and in need of husbands. But before he can find an excuse to escape, his interest is piqued by one sister, the most unconventional woman he’s ever met.

November 7
Red Rose Press
Dayna Espinosa

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