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This collection of over sixty short stories were submitted in the second season of The Novelist Writing Contest. Follow along as ten new authors compete for a publishing deal. 

The second season of The Novelist writing contest took place in the winter of 2012-13. It began as a free iPhone app searching for the next great author and quickly spread to the internet and Facebook. Many authors auditioned for the competition, and twenty were selected to compete for a publishing deal. While the top ten are featured in this collection, the winner would be able to have their own personal novel published separately. 

Auditions required the writers to give us a brief synopsis of their planned novel as well as tell us about themselves. The ideas we got ranged from serious autobiographies to witches going to college. The range of characters auditioning were just as broad ranging from a lawyer from the United Arab Emirates to an English student from Texas to a British working mother of three to five depending on your counting. This wide range of people with very different ideas let us know we were going to have a very entertaining contest to follow. 

The top twenty we selected were then put to the test. Their ideas were put in front of the public who chose their favorite synopsis. The ten contestants with the most votes got to move forward. They were then given a writing assignment each week to complete and let the public vote on. The writer with the fewest votes would then be eliminated until finally only one contestant remained. This collection contains the full scope of the contest providing each week's assignments from the top ten including never before seen works by the eliminated writers.

Fiction & Literature
September 25
Perfect Wave Design House
John Matthew Clevesy

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