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Laurel Barker is a nymph on a mission: find a new home for herself, her lackadaisical dog, and her tree. The free-spirited wood nymph is soul-bound to the tree she saved before it was cut down to make room for a golf course. She hopes that a town full of supernatural folks will be the haven she needs to finally put down roots. Because her tree isn't looking so hot, and if he dies, so does she. It's not a fate she cares to experience, especially after running into the too-hot-to-be-legal police officer in town. No matter how long her life has already been (and it's been long), he has her thinking about the next phase of it and how much fun it could be.

Aiden Morris became a big-city detective to serve and protect, but a soul-crushing accident put an end to his career and sent him running. He finds a level of solace in Nocturne Falls. Being a small-town police officer suits him, and his remote cabin gives him peace, quiet, and a safe place to shift and roam the woods. Life is about as good as he expects it to get. At least, until he meets the nymph next door. He can't stop thinking about her, especially when it seems he may lose her. And when the past comes looking for them, he has to decide whether to keep running, or stand by the woman who's planted herself in his heart.

May 23
Sugar Skull Books
Kristen Brunori

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

Nice twist at the end

Gosh, this was such an amazing book. The very ending was such a surprise. I loved it! What a twist, I was cracking up. I loved Laurel and Aiden. I would like to see more of them in the future. When we first meet Aiden, he reminds me so much of my husband when I first met him. He was also a cop and had a real serious expression all the time and the mannerism Aiden first had. In fact, that's how we met. I asked him what his problem was. Lol.

It was different to read about a Nymph. And I loved that Aiden was a bear shifter. They were such a fun couple. I loved their banter back and forth. This is one of my favorites in the NFU.

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