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Nessie Stein dreams of soaring through the skies as the captain of her own Aerial Vessel. Unfortunately, her parents believe that a girl’s place is at home and nowhere near airships.

When an estranged uncle arrives in Aetherland Isle, Nessie’s life is changed forever. Mysterious accidents plague the family, and in a moment of rebellion Nessie stows away on her father’s ship. Little did she know, she’d soon be in the hands of the nefarious sky pirates aboard the Obsidian Star.

Interview with the author:

Q – Is The Obsidian Star part of a series?

A – Yes, in fact it’s the prequel to my trilogy The Trinity Key, and I've already planned for at least two more trilogies in the series.

Q – What makes the Aether series special?

A – Aether is more than just a steampunk world. It’s a rich culture based in Celtic folklore and magic. When I set out to write the first book, I was fascinated with Celtic mythology. Mixing steampunk with mythology seemed a natural fit. I had no idea how much fun I’d have writing the trilogy.

Q – So why should readers give these books a try?

A – Because The Obsidian Star will take you on a thrilling ride full of betrayal, intrigue, and adventure. Readers who enjoy fast-paced stories full of twists and turns will adore this novella.

Q – Where can readers learn more about me and my upcoming series?

A – Visit my website http://lmfry.com to get free books, artwork, and updates. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


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- Steampunk Series

- Celtic Mythology Series

- Teen Science Fiction/ Fantasy Novels

- Urban Fantasy

- Young Adult Steampunk

- Fantasy and Magic Series

- Myths and Legends Fiction


Amazon Bestselling Teen Steampunk author, L.M. fry, presents Into Aether, a young adult steampunk novel. Join Nessie in a fast-paced adventure filled with intrigue, betrayal, and thrills.

Young Adult
February 13
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