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(This is the original version, with embedded video resulting in larger file size. Search the same title for an alternate version with linked out video for smaller size) The OHNI Voice Book is a multimedia guide to the voice and vocal health, with embedded videos and pictures that make difficult concepts easy to grasp. Written by laryngologist and voice surgeon, Dr. Reena Gupta, The OHNI Voice Book empowers the reader with the knowledge they need to protect and preserve their vocal health.

Voice and vocal care are explained in simple, understandable language, while diving into the complexities of the human voice. How does the voice work? How can injury be detected and prevented? What are the best practices for treatment? This book answers these questions and more, making it an invaluable tool for the professional voice user.

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July 24
Osborne Head and Neck Institute
Reena Gupta

Customer Reviews

Lisa SDW ,

Singer & Voice Coach

This is a must-read for every singer and voice coach/teacher. So enlightening to better understand our instrument and how to preserve and protect it. Dr. Gupta explains complicated medical terms in a very easy way for the lay person.

NicoleReneeLarsen ,

Such an amazing resource for singers and voice professionals!

Can't recommend this book highly enough! Dr. Reena Gupta does a wonderful job of breaking down the science of the voice and giving practical advice that people can begin applying immediately. I particularly enjoyed the section of the book where Dr. Gupta brakes down various misconceptions about the voice and/or voice remedies. The embedded videos and images are extremely helpful and such an amazing resource as well.

Nazy1 ,

Wish more doctors had a book like this

Not the typical doctors book. Although detailed, the real life examples, and “straight talk” is really valuable for all singers and professional voice users. A very easy and interesting read!

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