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(This alternate version has no embedded videos and a smaller file size for easier downloading- links to videos are embedded) - The OHNI Voice Book is a multimedia guide to the voice and vocal health, with embedded videos and pictures that make difficult concepts easy to grasp. Written by laryngologist and voice surgeon, Dr. Reena Gupta, The OHNI Voice Book empowers the reader with the knowledge they need to protect and preserve their vocal health.

Voice and vocal care are explained in simple, understandable language, while diving into the complexities of the human voice. How does the voice work? How can injury be detected and prevented? What are the best practices for treatment? This book answers these questions and more, making it an invaluable tool for the professional voice user.

Arts & Entertainment
July 24
Osborne Head and Neck Institute
Reena Gupta

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thevoicetma ,

The OHNI Voice Book-Straight Talk With Dr. Rena Gupta

A must read for all serious singers, vocal coaches, singing teachers and any practitioner participating in the vocal care of singers, actors, broadcasters or other individuals that use their voices professionally. Dr. Gupta’s passion for singing, her dedication and sensitivity to her patients, and her desire to educate vocalists to ensure healthy vocal practices are apparent in this wonderfully informative book. Once I started reading it, I could not stop until I read the entire book. I look forward to reading it again and again, and will encourage others to do the same.

RunningHZ ,

An absolute must read for any voice user, professional and otherwise.

So I’ll get straight to the point. If you use your voice for anything such as singing, acting (or in my case yelling at the kids!!!!) this book is a must.

Dr. Gupta, somehow, manages to make nerdy medical jargon about the voice box interesting, or dare I say, captivating. The book is filled with medical and scientific facts intertwined with personal stories of the author and patients. It engages you while educating you at the same time about how best to preserve your voice. From early on you get a really good idea that she loves what she is doing and ,even more, she really wants the reader to learn how to care for his or her voice.

In short, the book is a fast and easy read, packed full of useful and practical information told in a personal and relatable way. Not your typical book about medical facts and definitely a must read for any voice user.

Oola Olaf ,

A Must For All Professional Voice Users

Dr. Gupta has given us a concise, easy to understand owners’s manual for the voice.

I’m a voice teacher and The OHNI Voice Book is already one of my favorite vocal resources.

Highly recommended for anyone who depends on their voice for their career or hobby.

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