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“The Old Girl Goes Batty” is the Third book in a series for young boys, and girls. Where you are taken through 35 years of the life of Five teens and their friends of the Grand Apple Valley Adventure Club and Great, Great, Aunt Nellie McKelly, a former MI-5 Agent and Heiress. These stories are reminiscent of the turn of the century 1900’s “Rite of Passage” stories for young teen’s.
In “The Old Girl goes Batty”, the Grand Apple Valley Adventure Club members find themselves in Ireland with Aunt Nellie. Aunt Nellie has returned to her ancestral home to take care of her estate there. Aunt Nellie warns the boys about the Fey, and Fairy circles. To watch out where they go a wondering in Ireland. What was supposed to be a vacation for the boys, while Aunt Nellie takes care of business, finds the boys involved in a 400-year-old feud between the McKelly’s and the Higgins. Aunt Nellie disappears and our boys find themselves with the aid of several Irish lads looking for Aunt Nellie. Along the way they learn much about Aunt Nellie’s former life as a MI-5 agent, and her ancestral heritage. Our story leads us to old castle ruins. New Castle’s and into dark dungeons, and a battle between Aunt Nellie and our nemesis. The boys find themselves facing dire danger and threats of decapitation, when out of the dark dungeon cell, comes a ghost and saves the day. Before our story ends, Roy, goes to kiss the Blarney Stone, a wish comes true, he is kissed by a red headed Lassie instead.
Look forward to Book Four, “Changing of the Guard”, where Jake Lake becomes a Police Officer, and our Adventure Club members face a new bully in school. We find the boys going back to the Copper Ore Lodge and once again face a new villain, a ghost from Sarah Baker’s past. Love is in the air, and a Father accepts his son’s decision. In our final book, “A Rite of Passage” brings our Grand Apple Valley Adventurers into Adulthood. The Twins run afoul of love smitten girls, Drugs come to town, and the newest member of the Grand Apple Valley Adventure Club struggles with revenge. Oh, yes, let us not forget. Girls are inducted into the Grand Apple Valley Club. In a “Rite of Passage” life starts with Birth, to Puberty, to Marriage, and finally Death. The boys grieve the loss of a member. With those that follow in our footsteps, the cycle starts over and over. And that is what the “Grand Apple Valley Adventure Club” is all about.

Young Adult
February 2
Rowlen Delaware Vanderstone III
Smashwords, Inc.

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