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In science and in R&D you are constantly facing the same kind of questions: how does this work? How can we make that better? It’s always the same question, it never varies a lot.

And despite that fact, way too many researchers and scientists all over the world keep, from a methodological standpoint, doing it wrong. And of one thing be sure: if the method is wrong, your results are also.

The cause often might be that researchers and scientists are very much focused on the facts of their science and not very much on their methods. Methods are widely ignored in Universities all over the world in favor of the knowledge of facts.

But that is a mistake. Methods are ’how to do some- thing’, ’how to reach goals’. So they are obviously most important. And by ignoring that they use methods at all and that there are better ones around that really do work, researchers keep using the most basic and most simple and most wrong method they can possibly use. Simply because it’s the only one they know, because they never thought about their work from the perspective of the method they use.

And the result is always the same: R&D seems a pretty hard thing to do. Consuming a lot of time, immense costs and with unclear results. Because of that, R&D often is even done in the most imperfect way you can imagine just to keep costs down.

You don’t believe me? Well, give it a shot. I met so many researchers in small and large companies, at univer- sities and in applied science who all did the same thing wrong and who all in the same way marveled about their poor results despite their dedication and hard work!

This book is about methods, about One method, that has the power to solve most of the problems in R&D and science in 30% of the time at 30% of the costs. And it solves every problem, even those who seem insoluble to even the best researchers out there.

That is the power of this method I will describe. It has been used for more than ten years now, it has been proven, it is used in some top notch companies already. But still many researchers stick to their old, their wrong method and do not meet their goals as they could. If only they’d put more attention to the method they use.

Here is how you can work the most efficient way. 

The Author

Leonard Lowe is a german engineer, scientific researcher and professor for mechanical engineering. Throughout his career his success formula was always ’never believe, but question – never stand still, but learn – never accept, but understand’.

He is the author of several books on technology, philosophy and even politics.

Beyond his professional live he is a tech and hi-tech enthusiast, computer geek, brillant thinker and writer. He loves to acquire knowledge and share it. His sharp analyses help his readers making the right decisions in many different areas of life. 

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August 21
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