The One Who Got Away

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He has to get her back.

Antony Kyle can’t believe what’s happening to him.  First, Ella Webb—the head of security at his gaming company—quits on him.  Then…she kisses him as if she’s never wanted anyone more. They spend one incredible night together—a night that brands him to his core—and he wakes to find her gone. Gone. 

No, not happening. Antony is not about to lose her now. Not when he’s been obsessed with her for years.  He can’t have a taste and then lose…everything. 

She’s done with his lies.

Ella has been in love with her gorgeous, genius boss for far too long. And she’s put up with his lies and secrets…for far too long! She’d fallen for his helpless act, thought that the man needed her, but now she has learned the truth. Antony Kyle is a secret spy, more than capable of looking after himself and taking out a whole army of bad guys. So, she gives in to the need that she’s always felt for him, she allows herself one, unforgettable night with him, then she walks away.

But he follows her. 

Antony can’t lose Ella—not when he’s finally had the woman he’s wanted so desperately. But she’s got a new job at Wilde—an elite protection and security firm—and he has to figure out a way to woo her back.  So, he hires Wilde. Says that he needs protection. He pulls some strings (because the owner of Wilde happens to owe him about a dozen favors), and Antony gets Ella assigned as his bodyguard. He thinks his plan is brilliant. He’ll have Ella in close proximity again, and Antony is sure that he’ll be able to convince her that they belong together. Though some groveling—and a whole lot of seduction—may just be involved in his master plan.

Except…the danger turns out to be real.

Someone is gunning for Antony, and he doesn’t know if his enemy is from the spy world or the business world. He just knows that a big target is on his back.  Now he and Ella have to unmask the threat that they never saw coming, before it’s too late.  As they fight to track the bad guy, Antony has to prove to Ella that he can be honest with her, and, if she gives him a shot…he just might be a man she can love.  Because if he loses her again, Antony knows there will be no second chances. 

Author’s Note:  Their sexual tension can’t be held in check. When Ella and Antony are close, they ignite. But with so many secrets and lies, can they find a happy ending? It will take a master spy—and one very savvy new Wilde agent—to bring down the bad guy in this case.  Wilde times are ahead again.  Let’s see where these two lovers lead as they fight for each other.  

February 23
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.
Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Sandyn461 ,

Antony uncovered

Antony is not who he seems. I feel like it took Ella a bit too long to realize this. Ella is the head of his security. Ella is pretty steaming mad and quits. The chase begins and Antony is a bit sneaky in his pursuit. A few twist and turns and familiar faces along the way to their HEA.

Picky Priscilla ,

Love, Action and Mystery

Great read! I love romance mixed with mystery and action and this story delivered on all accounts!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

The hot nerd and the beautiful bodyguard!

The One Who Got Away is Antony and Ella's story. This series has a common theme of a protective, possessive hero paired with a heroine who can kick some serious butts. Antony and Ella did not disappoint!

To describe Antony, I would say he is a good mix of nerdy and dominance. He's the brains behind his gaming company and can hack like no other. He's also a strong male who clandestine's as a CIA agent. When he falls for Ella, he turns into a very protective and possessive hero.

Ella is in private security and proves that a woman can do well in a predominantly male job. She has a clear head and thinks quick on the fly which helps her keep the man she has fallen for safe. While Antony can handle any tough situation, Ella proves that we still need someone covering our backs.

Antony and Ella's relationship is like a cat and mouse chase. There is many obstacles in there way but it's very clear these two have fallen fast and hard for each other. Their relationship is just as fascinating to watch as the suspenseful drama unfolding around Antony.

This was another hit in the Wilde Ways series!

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