The One Year Orthodox Jewish Bible

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This is a new format of The Orthodox Jewish Bible in daily readings for reading through the Tanakh and Brit Chadasha in one year.  This version uses the Whole 
Chapter Bible in a Year© format.  The dates are generic; if you start in the middle of the year, it just continues to the next numerical day, it does not rely on starting on January first.  This daily version covers the Tanakh, Tehillim twice, Mishlei, (one a day), and the Brit Chadasha. The Besuras HaGeulah and Gevurot ARE read through twice, and chapters of Mishlei are adjusted according to the number of days in each month.

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Loluk ,

The One Year Orthodox Jewish Bible

The One Year Orthodox Jewish Bible is an excellent tool for daily reading through the Torah, Tihillim, Mishlei and Brit Hadasha in one year.
Each daily portion of reading has been enhanced with video teaching. The Hebrew and Greek words are transliterated from original language to English, for deeper understanding of the Scripture. The words related to Gehinnom are highlighted in red. Helpful resource for lay people and serious students of the Bible.

Kedillah ,

Orthodox Jewish Bible by Dr. Phil Goble

This devotional one year reading is most concise with four reading portions from the torah, brit chadash, tehillim, and mishlei for each day. In addition to the daily portion reading it has been enhanced with video teachings for the diligent student who wants to spiritually grow. The translation is authentic from original Hebraic words spelled phonetically in English. The writings from the Nev'rim is in the pure language of the first and second century temple to avoid modern day misinterrupatation.

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