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Before the near future arrives in the Life Online series, Case Lane sets you up in today's shocking and disturbing elimination of privacy and online control with this far-sighted thrilling prequel about the origin of The Network.

The Federal Security Commission - FedSec - is the most secretive and powerful national defense organization. The Secretary of State is a brilliant and relentless defender of government control. Together they are co-opting your entire digital life by covertly deploying the world's first global surveillance and online tracking system.

When a mysterious flash drive detailing their plans falls into the hands of intrepid journalist, Dallas Winter, the most menacing people in DC mobilize to hide the explosive secret.

But Dallas has a weapon. A genius cyber technologist determined to fight for an unsuspecting public.

Can two master operators outpace America's free press and independent tech brains in the race for your digital future?

If you are already asking the questions:
Do you want individual privacy or do you want global security?
What is the responsibility of business to protect consumer data?
What is the role of government in managing technological progress?
Can we prevent technology from taking control?

The Origin Point begins providing unsettling answers. From the law-making halls of Washington, D.C. to the free-wheeling tech economy in San Francisco, the forces making decisions to change the world are already in the game and your life is in play.
Learn who is bracing to advance, and who is in retreat, as the brightest minds lay the foundation for a future that may have already arrived.

***Includes Part One of The Motion Clue: Book 1 in the Life Online series***

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 3
Case Lane
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Quantum Pixels ,

Surprised and Hooked

As a fan of Stephenson, Suarez, and Hertling, I didn’t know what to expect from “The Origin Point” by Case Lane. It is a bit different than the others... set in the ‘now’ and addressing real, current social concerns over cyber privacy and security as opposed to AI achieving the singularity. The story progressed at a comfortable pace with decent plot development and built on realistic, existing technology. Character development was, imho, at the right level and helped maintain the pace. I really enjoyed the story which, although is a work of fiction, has a good dose of reality to cause one to ponder. The ending caught me by surprise, although it shouldn’t have, but does a nice job of setting up the next story “The Motion Clue” - which is now on my ‘to read’ list.

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