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To mark the 40th anniversary of the Watergate scandal, The Washington Post's seminal Watergate stories have been gathered together for the first time as an eBook, including a foreword by journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein assessing the impact of their stories 40 years later. 


"Held in Plot to Bug Democratic Offices Here", said the headline at the bottom of page one in the WashingtonPost on Sunday, June 18, 1972.  The story reported that a team of burglars had been arrested inside the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate office complex in Washington. On assignment, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward uncovered a widespread political scandal and cover-up at the highest levels of government, culminating with the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The Post won a Pulitzer Prize for its work, which became the subject of two best-selling books and a renowned movie, "All the President's Men."

This eBook is a look back at the dramatic chain of events that would convulse Washington for two years and lead to the first resignation of a U.S. president, forever changing American politics. 

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August 27
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Customer Reviews

Kat Jetson ,

Agree with the proofing fail

Interesting that this is a story about epic journalism yet the digital version of this book is a wreck to read. I want to furiously take a red pen to it. Unfortunate, as it does tend to distract a bit from the reading enjoyment. Needless, it's a great piggyback read for someone interested in reading in real-time how this story went down in history. Please, though, someone look into giving this grammatical nightmare a face-lift.

BC816 ,

Original Stories Accurate? This E-Book Not So Much

Come on, Washington Post. How can you publish an e-book with so many typos and other errors, including this doozy—“Dean Alleges Next Knew of Cover-up Plan”?

I guess you didn’t bother to read the original article, which was entitled “Dean Alleges Nixon Knew of Cover-up Plan.”

This book is riddled with typos, wrong words, and other sloppy journalism. Clean up this book. Now.

Size76Speedo ,

Compelling but poorly proofread.

Nothing new here, but a valuable resource all the same. It needs a careful red pen taken to the manuscript, though. It's as if no proof reading or editing was done.

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