The Other Side of Creation

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Publisher Description

Will Caylen is under hospice care and dying of age-related problems. He has had a long life of scientific research into the origins of mankind. He was not a particularly religious man and not sure he believed in a heaven or hell. When death finally took him, he found himself in a metamorphosed state, floating in the heavens among the stars. His wife, who had long passed, was there as was all his deceased relatives and friends. Because of their religious beliefs they thought they had died and gone to heaven. Will, on the other hand, thought it strange. His scientific mind would not let him accept the idea of a soul or spirit that ascended to heaven to live for eternity in peace and happiness. His mind was way too active. If this was all there was to eternity then it was going to be a boring ride. Will needed challenge and a reason to exist. Unable to hang with his deceased family members communing about their time on earth Will began to wonder about on his own. While doing so, he discovers an ancient race of beings that had been trapped in our universe for billions of years. They had arrived by an accident of their own making. Trapped in our universe and unable to leave the dark bubble, that was composed of the atmosphere of their own universe, they set a plan in motion. They needed an intelligent being made of the universe they were trapped in. A being that could aid them in returning to their own parallel universe they call the other side of creation. When Will wondered by they knew, at last, they had found the one being that could help them. Their plan had been a gamble. They had watched many humans come and go, but none showed the attributes that their mission required, that is, until Will Caylen wondered by. He would be returned to earth to carry out their quest.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 19
C D Tuttle
Draft2Digital, LLC

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