The Outside Intervention

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Publisher Description

A Thrilling Science Fiction Dystopian Novel You Must Read

Kier, a young out-lord, gets involved in a dangerous political game where ancient and modern secrets are closely intertwined. To save the largest city in the world from destruction, Kier leaves the Northern Heartland in search of a legendary artifact, created by the Founder of the Empire almost a thousand years before. Much more depends on the results of his search than is known to Kier.

“I enjoyed the story, character development, and dialogue.
There were plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystique. …
If you are looking for an exceptionally written dystopian novel with amazing characters and a gripping plot then The Outside Intervention by Andrew Orange will not leave you disappointed. Recommended to all fans of dystopian science fiction and gets a well-deserved five stars from me.”
-- Goodreads Reviewer

“This novel is a must read and by saying this I am saying everything. ... Descriptive, with well developed characters, and with a captivating narrative, this is a book that I will certainly recommend reading.”
-- Goodreads Reviewer

“The Outside Intervention’ was an exciting sci-fi dystopian thriller with a great storyline.
It’s filled with adventure, suspense, and twists and turns in a unique dystopian world. It’s very detail oriented …”
-- Goodreads Reviewer

“An unordinary novel.”
-- Goodreads Reviewer

"There are moral choices that cause the characters either to grow or to become like the people they are fighting against. Andrew Orange gives us their raw discourses without commentary, except whatever commentary the characters themselves give."
-- LitPick Five Stars

"This book really forced me to think about my own idealogies. I believe that Kier represents all of us. Everyday, we are bombarded by different theories and pieces of knowledge that have no consistency in whether they support or denounce each other. It's a struggle to find what you really believe in when it's guaranteed that another school of thought will be telling you it's wrong."
-- LitPick Reviewer

"The narrative is powerful enough to carry the story forward; however, mixing the genius plot and Kier's character into the story makes it even more interesting."
-- Readers' Favorite Five Stars

"Kier is not the archetypal young hero character who is impulsive, as he has enough sense to understand that he needs to think to overcome the odds."
-- Readers' Favorite Reviewer

Fiction & Literature
October 29
Andrew Orange
Draft2Digital, LLC

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