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Full Series Box Set Books 1-9:

Nikki and Kenny made the Pact when they graduated high school. They, with their friends, stood on the beach in a circle around a fire pit. They raised their glasses and recited "No matter when, where or what, I will always be there for you".

After their marriage, they became Partners in Life, but faltered when being partners on the job crept into their personal life.

Till The Day We Die was another pact they made when they came face to face with their mortality when Kenny almost lost his life on a mission.

They came to realize that even couples that are very much in love have to fight through disappointments when Old Stories, Never Told come to light.

They learned the hard way that Above all else…Survive are the words they need to live by when they are put to the test both mentally and physically.

When her family is threatened, Nikki realizes For my Family I'll do anything. Kenny realizes while Nikki is right, he'll need to change her mind on what anything means.

ince Nikki is a genius, quandaries have never been an issue for her. Common sense on the other hand is not one of the many gifts she's been blessed with. So when Kenny forgets who she is, Cheating on you…With you is a dilemma she can't figure out. Especially since she can't talk it out with Kenny.

While Nikki & Kenny have always been able to read each others mind, Linked Together takes on a whole new meaning when they see and hear each other even though they are miles apart.

Now they are faced with the hardest mission of their career. Their bosses, the people that trained them and became part of their extended family, are kidnapped. When the kidnapping is linked to a terrorist threat to America, finding them becomes top priority. In the midst of the chaos, Nikki's health issues return and she can't let Kenny know about it. The mission is too important to take the chance he will pull her off.  If what she suspects is true she shouldn't be on this mission, but it's too important to walk away from.

Though the reasons why have been elusive, Nikki and Kenny knew from the day they met that they are meant to be together. Has the charity work and the time spent helping others become the best they can be, been enough? Have the lives they saved with every successful mission they've completed been enough?

Have they fulfilled their destiny?

May 3
Juliann Vatalaro
Draft2Digital, LLC

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