The Pain of Chasing a Married Twin Flame

The Karmic Dilemma

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For a Twin Flame who has been married before, detangling karmic ties and dissolving a marriage is the most complicated situation you will experience when you meet each other.

It does not mean that you must leave your karmic partner or relationship if it is a romantic encounter. Sometimes your karmic partner is better relationship material and an eternal life partner. I call this the Twin Flame Dilemma.

You have free will to choose who to date even though you have an unbreakable bond with a Twin Flame.

It feels impossible to proceed with your journey at some point. You sometimes also assume that the events that follow will be manageable.

You have so many people involved in your life who will be affected by any decisions that you make. At some point along your Twin Flame journey, it is easier to go back to your estranged marriage than go through the stress and agony of changing your life.

Your biggest challenge is your karmic partner: You will not be happy with your Twin Flame if you still have marital issues to solve.
Even though your Twin Flame is not in the picture, you will have to confront issues with extended family members. If you are married with children, you will have to separate your family.

If you have a joint business with your husband or karmic partner, you will have to dissolve your business or separate from each other but operate at a distance.

Separating from a Karmic partner also affects your financial stability and general wellbeing—life gets extremely chaotic before it gets better. You sometimes wish you never met a Twin Flame.

Apart from struggling with changes in your physical life situation, you also battle with the daily emotional turbulence. You feel unhinged: you miss your Twin Flame every day. You always think of your Twin Flame 24/7.

The Spiritual Awakening process takes a toll on you — physical body changes, energetic cleansing, and psychological transformations.

Stay focused on your journey. Everything will naturally unfold. We both agreed that it was best For everyone if we stopped talking to each other. I chased him for over a year. He was more grounded within himself than I am in me that he managed to block me.

More often than not, he would feel compelled to check in on me — we have mutual friends. He would always call home for hours for updates about me. If I went too quiet, he would send a simple email or a direct message in some form. I believe that he worries that I would forget about our connection.

The goal is to find happiness and thrive in any life situation that you find yourself in because the Twin Flame process keeps going whether you both choose each other or not.

The best-case scenario is to finally be together if you eventually figure out to end your ties with your spouses — dissolving karmic issues must be done with respect and unconditional love with everyone involved.

Separation from a Karmic partner has to be amicable. Everyone you have a relationship with is there for a reason. Do not underestimate the value of any connection that you have with anyone.

Stay Blessed!

July 30
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