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Adrian gained a little experience with Sir by putting his mouth to use beyond finally being kissed for the first time. It’s still the same night they met, and by now, Adrian has agreed to submit to Sir. That includes being punished for lying about being an inexperienced virgin. After all, a bad little boy needs to learn his lesson.

Adrian knows all too well that if he doesn’t go through with the punishment, he’ll have to cut ties with Sir forever. Adrian doesn’t want that. Tired of being a virgin, he soon learns that he no longer has a choice but to withstand whatever punishment comes his way just to gain the experience he wants.

The two of them are now in Sir’s lit basement after being in the pitch-dark living room. This is where all the action continues. But just because it’s no longer dark doesn’t mean Adrian gets to see Sir’s face. Nope, he hasn’t earned that privilege yet.

But Adrian starts learning more about this supposed no-strings hookup the longer he’s around Sir. That includes seeing a new side of Sir that’s as mysterious and intriguing as his masked face. What is Sir hiding? Is he hiding anything? Why is Adrian suddenly more drawn to Sir than he ever thought he’d be? It’s not even supposed to go beyond one night, just like they agreed when they came across each other online.

But given Adrian’s virginity, could this one-time hookup actually lead to a second time?

The Painful Punishment is a 4,400-word short story and part two of a five-part series.

Fiction & Literature
July 9
Indie Erotica Collective
Smashwords, Inc.

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