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Deacon Hunter is domineering. Condescending. Infuriating.

And yet I can’t seem to keep my panties on for five minutes when we’re alone together.

He keeps melting them right off. With that sexy voice, those confident hands, the way he brings my body wildly to life, he’s proved my libido hasn’t gone into permanent, post-divorce hibernation after all.

Surely there’s no harm in being enemies with benefits… Right?


When Violet Boden asks me to take her Divorce Virginity, the only thing I can think is—come again?

No, seriously, come again.

And again and again, until both of us are so satisfied we can’t remember the people who did us wrong.

Best if we keep conversation to a minimum, though, considering I drive her crazy. She drives me crazy sometimes, too. But she’s also sweet, loyal, fearless, and so much fun she’s making it damn hard not to fall for her.

But how to convince a woman who’s put me in the emotional no-fly zone that I deserve a place in her heart? As well as in her panties…

March 26
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

starstacy ,

I melted for this rom-com!

I had no idea this was a series of books with different brothers, but you do not need to read them to understand this book. I did not read the earlier books & understood everything. I enjoyed this rom-com! I laughed out loud, melted (or swooned) at the romantic gesture then smiled at the happy ending. I loved that this book was two adults in their early forties, Deacon & Violet, who knew who they were but were not afraid to find love again after getting divorced & raising kids. At first they were hesitant for reasons you will have to read, but their chemistry was too strong. Once they got to spend time together & know each other then the real love was found. They found each other even though they thought their time had passed, & I loved that message. If you want a rom-com about adults, then this book is for you!

Susanmcqusie ,

Deacon and Violet

4.5 Stars
This is the fourth and final book in the Hunter Brother series of books. This book centers around oldest brother Deacon and Violet. Violet’s ex dumped her for a younger model and she is now navigating the dating world as a 40 year old. For some reason, she seems to dislike Deacon, her boss’s brother’s, but cannot seems to control her hormones around him. They have a great chemistry, and eventually give into their attraction. Of course their path to happily ever after has a few bumps. I really loved both Deacon and Violet, and the fact that they were a more mature couple. Another great read by Lili Valente.

LisaHines711 ,

Review: Hunter Brothers 4: The Panty Melter

The Panty Melter by Lili Valente is the fourth standalone romance in her Hunter Brothers series. An absolute and complete feel-good romance. There is not one moment in the book that is overly angsty. Now do not get me wrong - there is a little bit of drama - but it is such a lovely story of two people finding love at a time when they'd about given up on it. Gah! Swoon! Deacon is such an alpha hottie with a soft streak and good heart and Violet is a wonderful person, a fabulous mom and an irrepressible soul! Everything in this book just made my heart warm. Enjoy!

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