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Chris, a high school student, and some friends attended their high school graduation and quickly headed to an abandoned and condemned church building to do some silly stunts after they all get their respective diplomas. The building they went to was demolished a few years ago, so it was not safe or well-structured in the slightest. Some parts of the building even fell apart while they were there. After being dared to do a stunt first, Chris climbed up to the top of the building. Hoping the building would not collapse and cave in on him, Chris quickly readied himself to do the most daring stunt of his life. Hesitant, but fearing for his life, Chris backflipped off of the building and unknowingly landed headfirst on a cinder block. Chris's head bleeding, his friends panicked and called the paramedics, who tracked their location and rushed to Chris's aid. The paramedics examined Chris's vital signs as they try to stop the bleeding and sustain and resuscitate him. They failed, and Chris died at the scene. Chris entered Heaven and saw a glowing white and blue entity approach him, who told Chris everything would be okay. The entity formed into Chris's grandfather, who revealed that he is Chris's guardian angel, and agreed to help Chris discover how he died. Despite being his guardian angel, Chris's grandfather could not do much to help him. However, he helped Chris learn to think like a detective in solving his own crime scene. Chris located and tracked each of his friends down in hopes of them telling him the truth of his fatal stunt. Despite this success, Chris could not channel through to his friends from Heaven. He could only make people drop things they were holding, or make small household objects shake, fall down, or break. Chris was unsure of himself, but after a few months after the incidents, Chris's friends remembered the crime scene and decided to meet at the church where Chris died to communicate with him. Chris knew that this was his ultimate chance to reach out to his friends and learn what happened to him.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 20
Logan Long
Smashwords, Inc.

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