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The Journey will pick up at the end of the fourth book ‘The Secrets She Keeps ~ Book IV’ leaving off after Tommy & Maxi found themselves at odds on how to handle the “men” 🕺🍺💃🍾🕐 in her life…Yet again, Qualle 🃏, was at the center of their discussions. The boomerang effect 🔄 or Ground Hog Day effect was becoming quite visible with this unresolved issue of turmoil 😤🥀.

Maxi was a complex being, aiming to lead a simple life, in a simple village with simply nothing to offer her. Her internal fire 🔥, the rebellious coquette 💃, would battle the high social expectations from family 👴🐷👵, friends 👭 and villagers 🌄. She would rage and lash out against her home life 🤬🚀💥, by going to the Discos 💃, flirting 💋 and sleeping 🕺🛌🚗 with strangers and “friends” 🔻 alike, without remorse… Her weak and feeble husband 🤡 did not ask, she did not tell 🙈🙉🙊, the others talked freely in their circles, but Qualle remained just a joke.

However, when it came time to break free of her chains ⛓, the Mighty Maxi found guilt and shame 😕😔, for the potential pain she was about to cause. Tommy was different. He was not seeking a night of “Adventure”, like the others 🕺🛌🚗. He was determined with zero sum. He was either going to be with HIS woman 👸💎, or he was going to allow HER to walk through life, continuing to pretend SHE was happy 😊 and content living an okay life, without HIM 👋🕌💔.

The threat of not getting to meet in Munich, brought out the inner child in Maxi, causing her to throw fits of anger 😤👊💥 and fall into deep episodes of sadness 😖😢😪😭. She could not understand why a male figure in her life was refusing to have sexual relations with her...nobody else said no 🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦🕺💦 (count only current until 9/2015 and still growing!! )

She was doing everything in her power to seduce him 🔮. She flirted 😈💋👢, she sent nude photos 📸, masturbated together via phone 👙👇💦, sent masturbation videos 🎥👙👇💦, accepted erotic messages, responded with her satisfaction and desires, she was letting him do things to her on paper that no other man had done before…how could he be telling her no…that he wasn’t coming to Munich!?

When your marriage is a façade, when your family life is a lie…the truth is hard to find.

Character names and certain identifiers have been changed to protect the Innocent, the Young and those unaware of how History is writing itself every day. There are those of us that are Observers and those that are Oblivious to what is Happening right in front of them.

July 10
Tommy Books Publishing
Thomas Clancy

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