The Patriarchs

Volume 1

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Want to go deeper? In Hard Knocks and Life Lessons, Abbott digs deeply into the treasure trove of the Bible and brings seven pivotal figures to vivid life. From Adam to Joshua, you can understand these men as never before. This book examines their lives, their successes, and their failures, and makes it clear how we can learn from it all. You will finish this book with a fresh understanding (and appreciation) for the lives and challenges of the patriarchs.

“In his second book…Abbott applies his capable pen to the lives of the Greats from God’s Word and the result is a graduate level course in the School of Hard Knocks…As the author explains, God’s grace has a way of turning our mistakes into miracles and our trials into triumphs…” —Rev. Raymond Woodward, Pastor, Capital Community Church, Fredericton, N.B.

“Rev. Dustin Abbott is a talented writer who skillfully sheds light on God’s Word. His careful study of Scripture has enabled him to assist the reader in gaining insight into the lives of Biblical characters. This is a must-read for those who seek a better understanding of the significance of such characters’ life experiences.” —Rev. Doril Green, Senior Pastor, New Life Pentecostal Church, Toronto, ON

“Your thinking will be stretched and your mind illuminated as you pour over each chapter and you will most certainly gain new and valuable insights into the reasons for some of the “Hard Knocks” you have endured!” —Rev. Granville McKenzie, Senior Pastor, Faith Sanctuary, Toronto, ON Executive Presbyter for Canada, United Pentecostal Church

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April 22
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