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Most Bible teachers have long recognized the prophetic nature of the Feasts in Israel’s liturgical calendar. The Hebrew prophets themselves spoke of future aspects regarding the Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The apostle Paul also spoke of the festivals as “a shadow of things to come” (Colossians 2:16, 17). Because of this many have sought to find a celebration which would fit the Rapture of the Church. There has, no doubt, been a lot of speculation and confusing use of Scriptures in this area of study. A few Bible teachers have suspected that the Feast of Pentecost better fits an application to the Rapture of the Church. However, because of certain unanswered questions they have hesitated to make that application. I believe that in this study you will find the right answers to those questions.

Not only was the Church born at the precise time of the Offering of the Wave-loaves on Pentecost, but there are many other features about this Feast which typify the present Church dispensation. Certain features in this investigation demonstrate that Pentecost is the only Feast day which was looked upon by Jewish teachers as a “mystery” Feast, a Feast which was identified with a time of Gentile redemption. In fact, we shall see that the apostle Paul uses terminology pointing to the Feast of Pentecost and to the Offering at Pentecost in regards to the future resurrection of the Church. We will also discover that this is the only Feast  on Israel’s liturgical calendar which could typify the Rapture of the Church and at the very same time not be subject to the error of “date setting” in terms of its prophetic fulfillment. In other words, we shall find that a Pentecostal Rapture of the Church does not violate the principle doctrine of “imminence” in connection with the expectancy of the Rapture coming of Christ. 

Early in his ministry, Jack W. Langford stepped outside the traditional man-made religious organizations of Christendom and served the only Church that Christ is building—“the body of Christ” (1 Cor. 12;13 and Eph. 4:1–4). He exemplified a Bible teaching ministry, conducted radio programs, held public discussions with both atheists and cult leaders, and traveled to several different countries in the service of Christ. For the last twenty years, he has researched and written many Biblical studies on a wide variety of subjects. Many are available at www.SeparationTruth.com.

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