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Wake up! A dangerous combination of spiritual sleep and paralyzing fear threatens humanity. Beset by a constantly growing number of disaster scenarios, failing leaders and voices of insanity, we must heed the Bible’s comforting words of reassurance, “Jesus saves!” Using a literal, common sense approach to Scripture, prophecy comes alive in this exciting, faith-building book.

The greatest enemy to our future survival is ignorance or a disregard for God’s evacuation plan. The People of God cuts through the speculation, common misunderstandings, distractions and false teachings of today and shines the light of Biblical truth on “26 keys.” With these keys, understanding tomorrow is achievable by studying with the backdrop of God’s version of yesterday.

The God of Scripture is all about saving our families and friends, not condemning them. In his Word, he has given clear warnings as well as many great and precious promises of deliverance. The world is not ending- this evil age soon will!

Following their Lord’s specific directions, hundreds of thousands of contemporary “Noah’s” around the globe are preparing “their Ark.” They are doing so with the living hope that a new kingdom, where Jesus’ reign, lies just beyond, awaiting our arrival. Will you and your loved ones be among them?

Finding the Future in Your Bible contains nearly a thousand quotes and verse citations, from Genesis to Revelation. Chapters, called Keys, include “Gazillions,” “Land,” “Cheap Sex,” “The Lie,” “Saints,” “Mothers,” and “Gathered Up,” each opening doors and illuminating the path of God’s prophetic plan of escape.

The People of God is not for the faint-hearted or religious traditionalists. The surprising discoveries, from cover to cover, will be enthusiastically embraced by men and women that believe God’s Word has the answer to their all-important question, “In the midst of this wicked and corrupt generation, what must I do to be saved?”

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May 20
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