The Perfect Man: A Free Small Town Romantic Comedy

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Publisher Description

Welcome to Cape Kismet, where the neighbors are nosy, the bookstores offer an escape, and epic romances abound.

A hot date? Try Five. 
Every time a perfect man shows up at my door, I swoon the proper amount and do my best not to stare at his chiseled features and firm… jaw. Yes, definitely his jaw.
But I, Ellie Amore, have a problem. It's big, gigantic, and not in the good way.
None of these men are real. And that version of me? More fake than an author calling herself classy while drinking boxed wine in her yoga pants.
Me, that author is me.
I dream of hot men. Perfect men. Fictional men. These men go into my books, and it's all I need for my messy cat-lady-living-above-a-bookstore life. Really.
I don't need my brother's best friend checking up on me. The man who brings me tacos. The one who is decidedly not perfect—as his enemy cat would tell you—but somehow might just be perfect for me.
I'm not sure how it all started or when he decided I was more than a favor to his friend.
All I know is Cruz is not a man from my dreams. This time, it's different.
This time, he's real.

The Perfect Man is book one in the Perfect Man romantic comedy series. Dive in for plenty of swoons, lots of laughs, and a guaranteed HEA ending.

July 24
Lynn Dare
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lindsy94 ,

Interesting story

This is a super interesting story. Ellie is a romance author that is trying to write a new story about the perfect man. She’s an introvert that lives above the bookstore. I have never heard of a taco stand inside of a bookstore so that was a nice twist. I liked Ellie and she was realistic but also awkward.
Cruz was a cool guy and I wish Ellie had noticed him sooner and not dealt with Chase. Chase just seemed like a guy who got what he wanted when he wanted it. I honestly didn’t expect someone else to come into his life but it didn’t surprise me either. I’m honestly glad things turned out definitely with Chase and Sasha.
The dreams seemed almost real but the names were kinda ridiculous lol. I wasn’t expecting Hadden to actually be real but that was super embarrassing and I felt bad for Ellie when she ran into the door.
I loved the chemistry between Ellie and Cruz and the way they just fit together. I loved the kitten scenes and how she attached herself to Cruz.
Definitely curious as to who Hadden and Grey end up with.

joespat75 ,


Very well written! Storyline flowed flawlessly. Couldn’t stop reading! Thank you for a lovely story

Lorela1 0891 ,

She needs an editor

I’m sure the story is good and the characters seem relatable, but I can’t get past the writing. Over and over again the beginning of a sentence has nothing to do with the end of the same sentence. It’s almost like it was self published. And it is an editor could’ve fixed most of these problems and left us with a very pleasant romcom. But when the writing is this poor this frequently it just takes you out of the story. Can’t finish it.

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