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For over a decade, JD Devereaux’s son has believed his father is dead. But he’s not. At least, not yet.

PI Sydney Brennan returns to west Florida to track down a friend's estranged father, long thought dead. But where JD Devereaux goes, men with guns aren't far behind. Before Sydney can reunite him with his son, she'll have to get Devereaux out of Panacea Point alive.

The Perils of Panacea is the third adventure in the Sydney Brennan Mysteries, featuring the Florida private investigator with a knack for getting into trouble who doesn't know when to quit. Like Sue Grafton's alphabet series? Then Sydney Brennan is right up your dimly lit alley. So if you're looking for a mystery with believable characters and "just enough humor to offset the dark," click to download and read The Perils of Panacea today!

FROM BACK COVER: Private investigator Sydney Brennan agrees to track down Devereaux because she’d do anything to give her friend a chance at knowing his father. Of course, Sydney believes the most dangerous thing she’ll face in the Florida Panhandle is memories of her most recent investigation. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Devereaux is a man on the run. He doesn’t want Sydney’s help, dodging her at every turn, and he refuses to tell her who’s after him or why. Soon dead bodies start dropping, and Sydney isn’t about to let Devereaux become the next victim. But when they’re outgunned and outmaneuvered, will Sydney’s quick wits and stubborn streak be enough to keep them alive?

The Sydney Brennan Mysteries, in order of publication:

1) Back to Lazarus

2) Secrets in Stockbridge

3) The Perils of Panacea

4) No Safe Winterport

5) Braving the Boneyard

6) River Bound

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 26
Judy K. Walker
Judy Walker

Customer Reviews

Happytchr1 ,

The Perols of Panacea

This writer only improves her skills with each book. That said, I wish for more Mike.

Linda@@@@@ ,

Sydney Brennan series

Read this series. Excellent, intelligent writing and will keep you entertained. I really want one more novel. Love it!

PushpushStable ,

The Perils of Panacea

If I had one wish for this series, it would be for unlimited books to follow. Unfortunately, I'm set to begin the final "Sidney" novel. Do yourself a favor...grab a glass and turn off your phone. You will love this feisty heroine.

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