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Forget counting calories, fat grams, and cholesterol. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels. The single most important health measurement is the pH level in your blood. Now, The pH Miracle unlocks the surprisingly crucial role pH balance plays in weight loss. How acidic or alkaline your blood is (pH levels) directly affects your health and is controlled by diet.

For example, if the blood becomes overly acidic from eating too much of the wrong kinds of food -- wheat, bananas, meats, and cheese -- it can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. The Youngs' program includes over 50 recipes and explains which foods to eat, which to avoid, and which supplements can help on the way towards optimal health and weight loss. In just weeks, readers will find they have more energy and a stronger immune system, and will have shed pounds and inches.

Health, Mind & Body
November 16
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Juanesangel777 ,

A different approach to understand a proper diet.

The Ph Miracle is a different approach for a healthy diet, the overall topic of the book is in how to alkalinize your body by eating a wide variety of vegetables. I am very optimist in making a change. I gave four stars to the book, because it tells you to get a lot of supplements which I consider expensive urine and I believe that you should be able to get them all just by consuming the right foods. If you are looking to get rid of bad symptoms or just want to loose some weight, feel a look great. I will definitely encourage you to buy the book and start the new Ph Miracle adventure.

The Alert Guys ,

A Real Life Changer

4 years ago, I ended up in ER for a kidney stone. The doctors said that I would always be prone to them. I did not believe them. I bought this book the next day, my wife and I read it in three days. I changed my eating lifestyle "cold turkey" to an alkaline diet and have never looked back. For the first 25 days after reading the book, I lost 25 pounds and over 6 months I was able to drop 74 pounds and have maintained my current weight of 160 for 4 years.

This book started me on a new journey of feeling better, looking better and I know, a longer more healthier life. Was it difficult....it sure was. Was it worth it...it sure was. I have more energy and at the age of almost sixty, I FEEL GREAT!

If you have a desire to change the way you look and feel, read this book. It will change your thinking about what types of foods you put into your body. Get rid of your illnesses, your aches and pains, and live a life that that is more rewarding to you. After all, it's your life and only you can do something about it. This book will be a road map to your success in eating better and living a more healthy lifestyle. . Buy it and start your journey and never look back.

So, instead of eating a double cheese hamburger, fries and a diet drink today for lunch, purchase this book and start your journey of life...the life you were intended to have. Enjoy!

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