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A madman with a lust for power. Strange refugees from distant lands. Hackers. Collusion. Russian entaglements and divided loyalties. The multiverse may have shattered, but George Washington is discovering that America's problems haven't changed all that muchthey've just gotten bigger.

It's a bad time to be president. Something terrible happened to time and space; now, dreams and nightmares are as tangible as the ground beneath Washington's feet, and the world is full of impossibilities made reality. Ordinary men like George can find themselves rubbing shoulders with someone out of legend, like Merlin, or watching as the super-powered hero known as Alien flies through the sky above the streets of Philadelphia. As Washington and his fellow Founders labor to create an America that can truly be a beacon of safety and liberty in this strange new world, dark undercurrents threaten to topple the young republic before it is fully formed. Not everyone is pleased with the idea of liberty for all, and some will stop at nothing to keep it from happening.

Before the Day of Lights and Music, Moonbeam was all too happy to live and let live; the trouble is, this new reality won't cooperate. Between the strange new mental powers everyone has acquired, the herds of dinosaurs and other terrifying wildlife roaming the land, and random things popping into existence from time to time, staying alive isn't as easy as it used to be. Desperate to reach civilization, he and his fiesty traveling companion, Eren, seem to stumble from one strange and deadly situation to the next. And there's no guarantee the city won't prove to be just as deadly for the pair of accidental adventurers ...

Book 3 in the Square Root of Time series. Approximately 175,000 words.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 24
Leroy Nichols
Draft2Digital, LLC

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