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A storm is brewing. Eager war fleets patrol the edges of human space, waiting.

The leaders of the Phoenix Conspiracy are poised to usher in The Hour of Ascension. And it is up to Calvin to expose the conspiracy before the Empire collapses in a firestorm of civil war.

Deadly isotome weapons remain at large, forces across every border are arming for war, and now even the monarchy itself is threatened by the chaos. From the blood-soaked soil of Renora, where the very strength of the Empire is tested, to the political maneuverings of the Imperial Assembly, the stability that once safeguarded human-kind is now merely a memory.

Meanwhile the deadliest assassin in the galaxy lurks in the shadows, ready to change the course of history—if his god wills it. And Shen's life hangs by a thread.

The Organization, the Akiras, CERKO, the Advent, the Phoenix Ring... it all comes down to this moment. And the question on everyone's mind is, can the Empire survive? Or will it be lost to the tempest.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 31
Richard L. Sanders
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

duomaxwell ,


When I first came across the first book as a free book drew interest but as I read on and on I got hooked and have been every since I hope the fourth comes out soon if your a fan of sci fi then the Phoenix series is the books for u

mrworm ,

Absolute garbage

So the writing style is not engaging. There were a few interesting scenes. But, the unforgivable plot holes.... Oh God. I felt myself screaming inside at my utter frustration and the complete idiocy of the depicted scenes.

This species is allergic to this drug. This species is accusing me of being a traitor. Humm.... I wonder what I could do...

A.S. Woodill ,


Another great book in an outstanding series.

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