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In the second story in the Phoenix Murphy Trilogy, Phoenix is having a hard time waiting at home on his own while his lover Caedem replaces him as Mudride's guitarist on the band's farewell tour. All he can do is hope that Caedem doesn't lapse back into drug addiction - or back into his relationship with Mudride's hot but manipulative singer, Taylor. But then he receives a phone call that turns his world upside down and he has to confront his worst fears before he and Caedem can be together again. Advisory: This erotic romance novella/story (10,000 words) has graphic sexual content describing oral and anal sex between two insanely hot guys. Unsuitable for under-18s. Extract: Phoenix was on his knees now on the filthy bathroom floor, cradling Caedem in his arms, tears rolling down his cheeks. Taylor faced them all down with his cold stare, ignoring the fact that he was standing there with a massive hard-on - or perhaps even getting off on it. "He's evil," thought Phoenix to himself, "Pure evil. He doesn't care who he hurts, as long as he gets what he wants." He muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Taylor to hear him: "You'll pay for this." Taylor pulled up his pants and barged out of the bathroom, leaving Dylan and Fay powerless to help Phoenix. Finally, it seemed to dawn on Caedem what had happened, and he buried his face in Phoenix's chest in misery. "Oh f**k, what have I done? I'm sorry, baby." There was a lump in Phoenix's throat. "Just give us a minute," he pleaded, and Dylan herded Fay out of the room. Rage burned inside Phoenix's chest and he wanted to hit out at someone, but he knew he couldn't blame Caedem. He was so wasted that he was barely conscious. Phoenix stroked his cheeks, searched his dark eyes for an answer, but all he saw there was a vacant dullness. He pulled him close, slumped on the bathroom floor and rocked him like a child. Caedem may have been seven years his senior, but Phoenix felt like the oldest twenty-one-year-old on Earth. "We'll talk about this when you're feeling better," he said, and Caedem's thin frame suddenly felt far too fragile and insubstantial for him ever to let go.

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March 30
Trinity Lee
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