The Pink Marine: One Boy's Journey Through Boot Camp to Manhood

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"A great story beautifully told-surprising, funny, courageous and inspiring." David Hyde Pierce

"Greg is as inspirational as he is hilarious--I love this book!" Margaret Cho, Comedienne (Dr. Ken, Drop Dead Diva)

"White recalls the grueling yet confidence-building three-month Marine Corps boot camp training he endured as a still-closeted teenager in 1979. "I learned that I had to respect myself if I wanted others to respect me." The author demonstrates that respect and delivers a heartening coming-of-age story, an inspiring memoir that displays a balanced, surprisingly reverent view of the Marine Corps and military service." Kirkus Reviews 

"This is the story of how, through pure gumption, a most unlikely Marine candidate rises to the occasion to show his true colors!" Jane Lynch, Actress (Glee, Hollywood Game Night, Angel From Hell)

When Greg Cope White's best friend tells him he is spending his summer in Marine Corps boot camp, all Greg hears is "summer" and "camp."

Despite dire warnings from his friend, Greg vows to join him in recruit training. He is eighteen, underweight, he's never run a mile—and he is gay.

It's 1979—long before Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, and with no LGBT rights in place in most states, and the Marines having a very definite expulsion policy in place for gay people when it comes to military personnel, will Greg even survive? 

The Pink Marine is the story—full of hilarity and heartbreak—of how a teenage boy who struggles with self-acceptance and his sexuality and doesn't fit the traditional definition of manliness finds acceptance and self-worth in Marine Corps boot camp. 

February 10
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Customer Reviews

Callsign Mighty ,

A story of navigating identity and a bond of friendship

In "The Pink Marine," Sergeant Greg Cope White presents a gripping narrative set in the 1980s Marine Corps, highlighting the extraordinary journey of a gay teen navigating the harsh reality of a military culture that frowned upon his identity. This book delves into the challenges of acceptance, self-discovery, and the profound bond between comrades.

The story follows Greg, an unconventional recruit, as he defies societal norms to join the Marine Corps alongside his straight best friend, Dale. The narrative sheds light on the audacity required to challenge the norms of masculinity during a time when being gay was not only frowned upon but could lead to severe consequences.

The lifelong friendship between Greg and Dale is the heart of the narrative, showcasing Dale's exemplary character and the courage it took for both to embark on this journey in the face of societal prejudice. The authors paint a vivid picture of the immense strength required to forge such bonds in the year 1979, where acceptance of one's true self was a rare feat.

The book skillfully explores Greg's internal struggle and the lengths to which he had to go to hide his true identity. It captures the tension of boot camp, where individuals from diverse backgrounds converge, each facing their own battles for acceptance. The repetitive physical punishment and the pressure to conform create an environment that tests not only physical endurance but also the strength of character.

"The Pink Marine" challenges preconceived notions about identity and highlights the universal quest for belonging. This review only scratches the surface of the rich narrative that unfolds within the pages of this compelling book.

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