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“The overbearing odor of diesel fuel that permeated the cabin of the aged Toyota Corolla we had just push-started made us reach for the window cranks, but there weren’t any. The driver was shouting something in Urdu over his mobile phone while the passenger next to him was hanging his head out of the window, shouting into the darkness at the traffic jungle that blocked our path. The muzzles of the AK-47s belonging to these two policemen riding in the front seat pointed gently in our direction. A bit worrying at first, but I was sure they had set them to the ‘safety’ position. Positive. The image of the gun barrels, the opera in Urdu going on in the front seat and the lingering scent of diesel conspired to lull me into a daze and I recounted the strange events of the past few days that led us to this bizarre police escort to a restaurant in the heart of Pakistan. ”

‘The Places In Between’ tells the story of a couple's motorcycle trip around the world that is at once dangerous and enlightening, fiery and romantic. But more than anything, it is a lesson in the world that brings the reader along for the ride through illustrative, up to the minute writing and a beautiful collection of photographs that capture the colorful people they meet along their route.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Care, an organization committed to serving individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world.

Travel & Adventure
October 24
Three Chicken Ranch Publishing

Customer Reviews

Harry 2009 ,

The Places in Between

An outstanding read, it's eloquent, riveting a stunning tale. It's an absolute must!

SoBellaBeach ,

The Places In Between

Exciting adventure, I felt like a passagner along for the ride. A trip most people would not embark upon in their lifetime. Great photography and a wonderful read!!

lcecere1 ,

Outstanding journey!

Loved this book! The imagery was simply amazing. Riding the subway to work picturing myself on the back of that very BMW. An outstanding journey.