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One daring proposal. One calculated acceptance. Is this cat-and-mouse game any match for the passion that consumes them?

Deadly threats from a loan shark to pay back a debt her late father incurred sends Nia Sylk on a desperate search for Massimo Andretti, the man she blames for her predicament and her father's death. Determined to make him pay, Nia concocts a plan she knows Massimo will find hard to refuse. The trick is to get close enough to him to make the offer, and then persuade him to accept it.

Infamous Italian playboy, Massimo Andretti, must marry before his 34th birthday and produce an heir within a year if he wants to keep his billion-dollar inheritance. So when Nia Sylk, a beautiful schoolteacher makes an audacious proposal, Massimo weighs the lustful benefits of marrying her to satisfy the terms of his father’s will.

Will Nia be able to pull off her plan, or does Massimo have enough charm and passion to tame this scheming little ‘pussycat’ and keep her forever nestled inside his tana dell’amore?

January 5
Cedar Trees Publishers
Ana E Ross Books

Customer Reviews

Dst4me18 ,

An Amazing Continuation to this Series...

I read the first two books of this series over a year ago and enjoyed them both. I even purchased thus book after reading the first two, but for done reason I only read the first few chapters and stopped reading. Strange, because I can't remember why I didn't finish the story back then being that I was so fascinated with this series. Maybe I received an ARC for another author that I agreed to read and then lost track of this series. In any event, I saw a post on Facebook a couple days ago talking about this series, and my attention was peaked. I started reading "The Playboy's Fugitive Bride" on that day and couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I was not disappointed. I immediately downloaded the last two books.

Neasys1 ,


I wished that Nia (Shaina) would've stop running long enough to give Massimo a chance to just love her. I can't wait for Adam's story.

Bonenursepractitioner ,

Mass, Mass, Mass...

I preordered this book and as I expected, was not disappointed!! Ana, you’re my hero! Again, a billionaire playboy was brought to his knees in Granite Falls, by an innocent woman who had no idea of the power of her charm.

I love that Nia was willing to go up against the powerful Mass to defend what was hers. However, Mass ended up being the Goliath who instead slayed Nia’s demons.

I think that the billionaire brides are an awesome collection, and the guys are wonderful, too. Though so far, Bryce has been my favorite, Mass is almost as impressive. I cannot wait for Book 4!!

You rock, Ana!

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