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"We must rouse ourselves and realize afresh that though our Gospel is timeless and changeless, it nevertheless is always contemporary. We must meet the present situation and we must speak a word to the world that none else can speak."

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was born in Wales and at the age of 27 gave up a most promising medical career to become a preacher. When a spiritual history of the 20th century comes to be written it will include not only the far-reaching influence of Dr. Lloyd Jones' ministry at Westminster Chapel in London from 1938-68, but of the remarkable fact that his published volumes of expository sermons have had an unprecedented circulation, selling millions of copies.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones preaching always had an emphasis on the desperate plight of man and the power of God to save. His preaching was crystal clear on the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners, a concept that does not sit comfortably in our day of pragmatism, programs and self-help books. Nevertheless it remains at the core of what the world needs to hear. Based on the Romans 1, this wonderful book will help you understand what the gospel is. When we live in a world that is spiralling out of control we will want to hear this message again and again.

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May 1
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ChristsPaladin ,

Silenced truths that MUST be heard again!

In this book, Jones speaks of truths from God's Word that have gone silent in our day. These days we only hear of positive things regarding Christianity. We are taught not to make the gospel message offensive. Jones points out that all of Christianity is stunted due to this. We must bring back the negative truths of the Bible such as: sin, wrath, holiness (I.e. Separation from sin), depravity, etc. Without an understanding and acceptance of these negatives in our lives then the positives of the Bible become truly pointless. E.g. Why did Christ die if not for our sin? We need to examine ourselves and see if we have taken the "pop Christian" bait and dumped the negative from our lives and, if so, remedy that.

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